Phoenix Goddess Temple Arrests





By now you no doubt have heard about the massive arrests in Phoenix, Arizona which targeted Tracy Elise’s Goddess Temple. Thirty people were indicted and Tracy Elise is being held on a million dollar bail.  Meanwhile, tantric practitioners and sex worker rights activists have weighed in on the merits of Tracy Elise’s defense which is that she was not practicing prostitution, but rather exercising her freedom of religion.

Some have scoffed. Others have been supportive. But in the final analysis, I believe we need to suspend our judgments and refrain from applying our personal standards to this situation. This is an important moment in history which may advance sex worker rights and sexual freedoms or catapult us into an even more draconian era of sexual repression. If we desire the former, our stance must be inclusive, not divisive.

If we come together to assert “standards” against which we feel entitled to measure the motives and veracity of others who are doing NO harm, then we run the risk of emulating the very oppressions we seek to rise above. Instead, let us support the freedom and choice of ALL those who put healing into the world. Our only standards should be that NO harm is done. Consensual, adult behaviors must be protected as the freedoms we all have an inalienable right to. It is not our business to determine what is “real” religion, “true” spirituality or “right” tantra.

Live and Let Live should be the maxim by which we live. And in the context of a sexual bill of rights it is imperative that we support all who are seeking to create a peaceful, pleasurable world in stark contrast to the predominantly violent and sex-negative world we currently live in. Certainly we want to distance ourselves from and even enact sanctions against those who would use “sexual freedom” as an excuse to perpetrate against anyone who is underage or otherwise unable to give consent. But short of that, we must stand firm for the rights of others to practice any form of religion, spirituality, sacred sex, tantra, sacred prostitution, prostitution, or sex work they feel called to.

Let’s build bridges not barriers.


15 thoughts on “Phoenix Goddess Temple Arrests

  1. I think in order for us to continue progress as Humans… we will first have to get rid of that which binds us and holds us back… namely… those narrow minded and prudish religions like christianity and islam… :-/

  2. “Bail is $750,000 for murder suspect” This headline caught my eye shortly after reading about the $1,000,000 bail set for the women in AZ accused of helping get adults together for the purpose of having sex (that really is what the pimping and pandering laws are; sex with money involved) This really shows just how sex negative this country is.

  3. > we will first have to get rid of religions like christianity and
    > islam

    — @ least in their modern conception. Tracy Elise mentioned in an interview that she has been following Jesus, and some Gnostic gospels (Mary?) portray him as very erotic. Wilhelm Reich’s “The Murder of Christ” identifies (the) Christ (force) as human sexuality.
    & I suppose we could update we could update one of his sayings: “Let him who is without sin serve the first warrant.”

    The worst part of this whole mess is that the cops & judges who enforce prostitution laws are often the worst offenders, using their power to extort sexual favors while pretending to uphold “the law,” decency,” & blah blah blah — in fact lobbyists & intel. agencies use hookers for sexual bribery & blackmail. They want to keep sex work illegal so they can control the market, not to protect our morals. My props to all who speak the truth.

  4. Now almost a year later, half the Goddesses have taken plea agreements, most will be testifying against Mystic Mother, Tracy Elise. For those involved with THe Phoenix Goddess Temple as “Seekers” who had any understanding of Tantra, it was understood what was being offered at the Temple was sex with a very thin vaneer, from most of the Goddesses but not all, of religion. The problem is Tantra manifests itself by opening people up to life, to pleasure, to enjoyment. Prostitution shuts people down, it causes body armoring and shutting down of energy flow in the human body. How could it do anything else but shut practicioners down due to the impersonal nature of handjobs, blowjobs, assfucking in servicing 3 to 5 anonymous men per day. So for those inclined to view this as Tantra, its not, and the whole concept has been defaced by the actions of Tracy ELise and how she ran the Phoenix Goddess Temple. Right before the arrests a man could look on the Backpages and see Ads for the Temple Goddesses run right next to those ads being run for those same Goddesses also doing incall/outcall out of their homes. Regardless of what the Phoenix Goddess Temple was or wasnt, it wasnt protected religion. Outside of a few words they would parrot most Goddesses knew nothing about tantra or sacred sexuality, which is what should have been the basis for being a Goddess at the Temple. I have helped some of them and hope that ALL of them get off but I will not go along with all this bullshit that the supporters of Tracy Elise have put out. It doesnt help Tantra, and it doesnt help to either legalize prostitution or to decriminalize it.

    1. Unless you were the one getting the handjob or the blowjob or the assfucking, you cannot say whether it was impersonal or not. Practitioners of Tantra can be shut down and providers of prostitution services can be open to life and love, and vice versa. Long-term relationships can cater to meaningless sex and one-night stands can be sacred sexual journeys evoking dramatic and positive transformation. If you doubt this, read Dr. Jenny Wade’s Transcendent Sex.

      Reality is mostly composed of shades of grey inviting us to intuit energetic truth instead of “logical” constructs which exist only within the domain of prejudice and contempt. Sexual shame invites a reliance upon terminology intended to incite emotional impulses toward judgment and condemnation. Shoulds shame but they also provide a false sense of security lulling us into a misplaced belief that we will not suffer as those we judge. Recognizing the Divine in All of Us is the path to love.

  5. There are victems. Mothers, husbands, wifes and daughters. They are secretly betraying people at this so called temple and then possibly bringing home a STD. I see a lot of victims here!

    1. I hear you. Your perspective certainly conforms to the cultural mythology pertaining to sex work. In reality, however, US prostitutes are not the purveyors of disease they are purported to be. Instead, most STI’s are transmitted by teenagers and the fastest growing population of sexually infected persons are aging baby boomers. In reality, sex workers in the USA and other developed countries who have easy and affordable access to latex barriers such as condoms are adept at utilizing such safety precautions and maintain good health for both themselves and their sexual partners – especially paying clients. Members of the Phoenix Goddess Temple appear to be quite responsible and nurturing individuals and soon the court will hear their religious freedom defense. I am hopeful that some inroads for true religious freedom as well as a sexual bill of rights for all of us will be made in the process.

  6. Jon McCane wrote: [quote]Outside of a few words they would parrot most Goddesses knew nothing about tantra or sacred sexuality, which is what should have been the basis for being a Goddess at the Temple. I have helped some of them [end quote] — This suggests that you have had some contact with them; ‘helped’ some as you wrote — have you interviewed them? How many? Some specifics about your evidence would help.

    Douche wrote: [quote] They are secretly betraying people at this so called temple and then possibly bringing home a STD. [end quote] — again, what evidence do you base this on? It seems a rather sweeping statement: “They” (the clients or “seekers,” presumably) “are secretly betraying people” — so you know that these people had partners & hid their visit from them? Do you have knowledge of what safety practices the temple used? How? Have you been there? Again, some evidence would help. As Veronica has pointed out, most providers in industrial countries have learned how to avoid STDs.

  7. Yeah, Ive had contact with them as a seeker, and as a friend to some of them. Evidence? WTF man. What evidence would I provide to you? I dont give a fuck if you believe anything I have written here. I wrote here because I got tired of the bullshit support articles and comments coming out about a situation that most of the commenters had no idea what they were commenting about. If you want to though you can check the mug shot out for Tracy Elise’s latest prostution arrest on the maricopa county website, which got her stuck back in jail on a $250,000 CASH bond, meaning she has to put up the full amount to get out. This time she was arrested without any claims of religion surrounding her activities. She was arrested and dragged back to court for violating her bond, and was sent back to jail by a judge who twice before when she violated let her off. The whole situation from the start has been insane and continues to be. It is the reason why sex work needs to be legalized and regulated. It just needs to not be operated under the pretense of being “tantra” or “sacred sexualtiy” when it is neither as practiced at the Temple. If you want to check further, google up Tracy Elise in Seattle and maybe you will find one of the articles on her former business partner, Rainbow Love, up their who got busted for the same offenses as Tracy has down in Phoenix. Tracy got out before the busts that time. The Temples (3) up there were run modeled on the Massage Parlor model. Sound like “tantra” to you? It wasnt and still wasnt here in Phoenix.Fooled a lot of people who probably believe that they have had a tantra experience….

    1. Not sure why you seem so angry about the conflation of prostitution, sacred sex and tantra. It is possible for all three to exist in the same situation simultaneously. Live and let live. Do no harm. Everything else is politics and prejudice.

      1. I am not here to hassle with what you want to believe, that is your right and your choice. If you want to really take a look at some of the info available on the internet look under New Times Phoenix and when it comes up put in Phoenix Goddess Temple in search. When the article that includes ” New Age Prostitution” comes up you can read for yourself the incredible article that began the investigation that resulted in the raid and arrests at the Phoenix Goddess Temple. Also if you want to know more look up and see the affiliation that Tracy put the Phoenix Goddess Temple under a few months prior to the raid, The Native American Olkeuvha Church. At the bottom right corner there is a video of Tracy herself. Also check out the magical card being sold that will prevent you from being arrested for pot and anything else they term as being magical church herb, $200.00. Tracy and some of the other Goddesses were going on selling sprees in the spring of 2011 in Oregon and Washington, selling these magical cards. Didnt work to well for one of the Temple men caught with pot at the Phoenix Goddess Temple raid. Still her relationship with “Chief” Mooney, who is really nothing more than a con artist continues on. A lot of people are still waiting to see that $100,000 he was to put in the Defense fund for the Goddesses legal defense. I believe that Tracy’s actions are a complete setback to the legalization of prostitution here in Arizona, and a blow to real understanding of tantra in the world. You believe what you want to believe about it all.

  8. I know Tracy Elise better than anyone on here-she is my older sister and a person who truly practices TANTRA and believes in it for years with her whole heart.
    She despises women being objectifyed or harmed by prostitution or any form of demoralizing acts in society
    So-the man who is spewing all his so quote knowledge about the Temple has an agenda to lie and be it known that if any of the women were prostituting themselves-Tracy had not a clue as she thought everyone was tantra only-Of course -she will take the fall because everyone in her temple whom she graciously let in and trusted has out of fear or ignorance taken plea deals in order to walk and blame her solely.

  9. The reality will come out in the trial since Tracy seems to be taking it there. She has 41 charges, 1 misdemeanor, 40 felony charges. The misdemeanor is for prostitution which came off of a taped encounter with an undercover cop where an offer to exchange sex for money was made as that is the whole basis for Arizona prostitution law. She was violated in December 2012, and sent back to jail until the trial for again advertising on Backpage for sensual bodyrubs and again was taped making an offer to an undercover cop to exchange sex for money. The judge two times previously had not sent Tracy to jail for other bail violation but it was said that this was so blatant a violation he had no choice but to put her back into jail. All of the above that I have written demonstrates how terrible these laws on sex and prostitution are in Arizona, and the fact that Tracy is going to go to trial for these charges. My contention is the same as before that Tracy misused the teaching and practices of Tantra as she knows it for her own ends. It will be coming out in trial that Tracy required the goddesses to give men leaving a donation at “least” a hand job, cause that was told to an undercover female cop applying for a “job” at the Temple.Tracy may have started out from the spiritual side in her use of sexuality for spiritual healing, although I would question that also. She did mostly have women from the spiritual/New Age vocation coming on board as healers at the start of the Phoenix Goddess Temple but by the end almost all the spiritual healer Goddesses were gone and replaced by long time experienced escorts. It could be said that old habits die hard for some of these newer goddesses. Although at least one of them was not able to be trapped into using language in her recorded conversation with an undercover cop that connected the exchange of money for sex. He gave up after an hour of trying and she was not indicted for prostitution.
    So of 30 people indicted, 18 have plea bargains and 12 dont. 14 have agreements with requirements to testify, so yes there will be people who testify as to what they did in Temple. Ugly? yes. Like one of them said to me, why should she go to prison for Tracy’s lies. The judge allowed the defendents and their attornies to challenge the prosecution’s attempt to ban religion as a defense. The defendents and their attornies decided against the use of religion as a defense after conferences with the judge on the legal standards to do so.It would have put the defendents in the position of having to admit guilt to all the charges while saying it was okay though because they were covered in their actions by their religion. A legally untenable position for the defendents to be in. In trying to reconnect to Tantra is how I started to go to the Phoenix Goddess temple. After going to a couple of classes.I realized that there wasnt a lot of understanding of Tantra at the Temple. After seeing some of the Goddesses for sessions it was obvious that their was just a thin sheen of veneer of tantra covering the real activites of the Temple which was the exchange of sex for donations. At this point I am only interested in seeing some of the Goddesses and a Temple man that I personally know get off as easily on their charges as possible, so they can get on with their lives. This whole case is an atrocity. The laws in Arizona on prostution have only gotten worse (three convictions on prostution brings on a mandatory prison sentence), and it is said that there will be a new law written by our local rightwing religious freaks for Republican legislators that will make it a felony to use a computer to violate Arizona Laws. This is designed to criminalize the activities of escorts and body rub people when using the computer to advertise. Sounds unconstitutional but it is modeled after a law in use in Oklahoma. Here in Arizona the local Phoenix police, who seem to be modeling the new methods of enforcing the laws on prostution for the nation, as seen by the Desert Divas Escort Agency case which was used as the model for busting the Phoenix Goddess Temple. The Phoenix Police now appear to be readying to use the charges of money laundering, and participation in a criminal organization on individual escorts rather than affiliated escorts or agency escorts, particularly high end escorts with web sites and bank accounts. So here in Arizona at least we are going from bad law and bad law enforcement to even worse laws and law enforcement. I know that local news coverage of the Goddess Temple use of “religion” as a cover for prostitution sure got the local knuckledragger rightwing religious freaks into a lather and helped their push for even more restrictive laws on sex between adults.
    So I still stand where I started that the Goddesses including Tracy need to get out of this case as best they can. This is Arizona they will be convicted if the case goes to trial. People for decriminalizing prostitution need to work on legislators to get laws doing this passed. Tantra doesnt need to be used as a cover for basic old fashioned prostitution.

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