This Book is Getting Rave Reviews from Quite the Cast of Characters!


For anyone who thinks sex could solve the world’s problems and lead us to more peaceful coexistence, The Bonobo Way is a godsend! I am so impressed with its message of love that I blurbed the book.  Here is what I think of Dr. Susan Block’s brand new book:

I want to thank Dr. Susan Block for writing this book. The Bonobo Way makes so many points that I have been speaking to for years as well as many which are new to me. And I am elated that Dr. Suzy, as she is affectionately known,  has taken this step, not only on behalf of bonobos and not only on behalf of sexual self-determination, but also as a bold departure from the scientific and cultural taboos which tell us we humans cannot learn culture from animals. We can and we should learn from any species which does it better than we do! Dr. Suzy succeeds in dispensing scientific information and crucial insights into both animal and human culture with a sense of humor which is as surprising as it is endearing.  If you never heard of a bonobo, you want to read this book. And if you don’t care about bonobos, you need to read this book. Let Dr. Suzy show you how sex can pave the road to peace and make humans smarter in the process.

If  you want to pick up your personal copy of The Bonobo Way, just follow this link!

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